“Átláccó” Festival – conference, theatre performance and Mary Popkids concert on the International Anti-Corruption Day

2014-11-12 12:22:28
Similarly to previous years, on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, Transparency International Hungary organizes its series of programs. The event will take place on boat A38 on December 9th. We await you with various interesting programs.

The system of strategic agreements differentiates arbitrarily between companies

2014-10-28 10:43:57
Lobbying is not a success story in Hungary. Neither the prevailing rules nor its practice are adequate and the situation has only gotten worse in recent years, according to the findings of a Transparency International (TI) study presented to the public in Budapest on October 28. The lack of regulation and the unprecedented concentration of power have both contributed to hidden, “unorthodox” forums of lobbying being created in Hungary; the strategic agreements between the government and corporations can be considered one such forum. With these agreements of a political and communication nature, the government differentiates arbitrarily between market players.

Transparency International: authorities should crack down on corruption

2014-10-27 17:30:03
Many developed countries in the world take little or no steps at all against companies that engage in international bribery when investing and doing business abroad, according to a new global survey published by Transparency International (TI) in Berlin. The situation is even worse in Hungary, as local authorities not only fail to crack down efficiently enough on Hungarian investors that engage in corrupt practices abroad, but are also reluctant to fight corruption within Hungary. According to TI Hungary, the Hungarian government and the prosecution service should launch an immediate investigation into the corruption allegations expressed by the United States.

Governmental attacks against Hungarian NGOs discussed at OSCE human rights meeting

2014-09-25 17:02:15
Hungarian NGOs and international organisations voiced concerns about the Hungarian government’s fierce crackdown on NGOs at the international human rights event of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Warsaw.

Against corruption also at Sziget

2014-08-13 11:35:48
In occasion of their out of the ordinary press conference held at the Sziget Festival, Transparency International Hungary (TI) has presented the way they strive to involve youngsters in the fight against corruption. TI held the event together with four foreign representations in Hungary – the Dutch, the French, the British and the Norwegian Embassy – and also used the occasion to present their project funded by the Norway NGO Grants (NCTA). TI considers the governmental inspection against NCTA beneficiaries a politically motivated step, aimed at intimidating civil society in Hungary.

TI turns to the Ombudsman regarding recent government audit

2014-06-30 13:41:53
Transparency International Hungary continues to question the legal mandate of the Government Control Office (KEHI) to conduct any audits related to support received from the Norwegian Civil Support Fund, and complains about the lack of legal remedies against the action. For these reasons, TI-Hungary turned to the Ombudsman for protection of its rights. At the same time, having always been a strong advocate of transparent operations, TI Hungary has nothing to hide and handed over requested documentation to KEHI on June 25th.


2014-04-30 12:40:56
Transparency International Hungary (TI), K-Monitor and Átlátszó.hu monitored the campaign expenses of political parties for several months. Even the experienced NGOs were shocked by the fact that parliamentary parties have exceeded the spending limit set by the law by HUF 3.5 billion.

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