Hungary’s upcoming elections: free but not fair

2014-04-04 14:51:15
This weekend, on April 6, the seventh free elections since the change of regime in 1989-1990 will be held in Hungary. But this election is different. Never before have the rules changed so much and so unilaterally as they did now.

New research findings of the ‘what do we choose’ project indicates no euro, and hardly any economic growth

2014-03-27 14:04:39
A few days before the parliamentary elections on April 6, 2014, Transparency International Hungary and the Institute for Budgetary Responsibility reviewed the programme of all parties that are currently represented in parliament, and stand a chance of winning mandates in the new elections.

Governing parties performing better at campaigning on taxpayers’ money

2014-03-17 16:26:39
Transparency International Hungary, K-Monitor and have united their efforts to find out how much parties are spending on their campaigns. At their press conference today, they have introduced the website (Hungarian for hypocrisy), where the public can continuously follow how much each party is paying for their campaign.

Is there a solution to make public procurements free of corruption?

2014-02-18 10:56:41
There is. The solution is an effective civil control mechanism, the so-called Integrity Pact. This solution is at the centre of the large-scale international conference’s focus that TI-Hungary has organized.

The criminal proceedings against András Horváth might be unlawful

2013-12-21 17:57:26
Joint press release of Transparency International Hungary, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, K-Monitor Watchdog for Public Funds and

Authorities should investigate the VAT fraud scandal instead of pestering András Horváth!

2013-12-19 18:01:04
Transparency International Hungary (TI) was shocked to learn that the Hungarian Police launched an investigation less than one week following privacy and secrecy charges raised by the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (“NAV”) against whistleblower András Horváth, and coerced him to hand over evidence and IT documents later seized by the law-enforcement.


2013-12-12 10:22:25
Young people find honesty important but often unrewarding, this is why it is important to teach them to be ethical – this is one of the conclusions voiced at Transparency International Hungary’s (TI) “Átláccó” Festival, held in occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

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